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Buy generic Diflucan

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  • Generic Diflucan dosage is given depending on the type of fungal infection that a patient is suffering from.
  • In case of an overdose, seek medical attention within the shortest time possible before it can have fatal effects on your body.
  • Although the symptoms of a fungal infection can go away within two to three weeks, you are advised to continue with your medication as advised by your doctor People that have Esophageal Candida fungus are advised to take 50-400 mg for 2-3 weeks after which the symptoms will no longer be experienced.
  • However, you are supposed to continue with this dosage until when you finish the dose given to you by a doctor.

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Generic Diflucan dosage is given buying generic Diflucan generic Diflucan on the type of fungal infection that a patient is suffering from?

Buy generic Diflucan

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